BIO 320L

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Biology Department

DePauw University


The lab schedule listed below indicates the date of each lab and a brief description of that lab’s activities. In advance of each week’s lab exercises (LE's below), I will supply you with a more detailed description of the required lab work, along with any necessary hand-outs or lab exercises. In addition, most of the lab exercises will be accompanied by both computer programs and Internet exercises. The computer programs are located on the hard drives of the computers in the Olin Computer Lab; the Internet searches and interactive exercises are accessible through a personal, paid-subscription Web Site.

Aug. 24 - LE1 Lab check-in: (1) Orientation to all lab exercises; (2) discussion of Diane Lavett's handout on reading, studying, and thinking like a geneticist; (3) formation of study groups; problem sets Course syllabus and handouts
Aug. 31 - LE2 The Length of DNA Molecules  
Sept. 7 - LE3 Restriction Nuclease Mapping of DNA  
Sept. 14 - LE4 Nucleosome Structure of Chromatin  
Sept. 21 - LE5 Exam #1  
Sept. 28 - LE6 Translation Lab  
Oct. 5 - LE7 Hemogolobin Lab  
Oct. 12 - LE8 Fall Break  
Oct. 19 - LE9 Exam #2  
Oct. 26 - LE10 FlyLab  
Nov. 2 - LE11 Pedigree Lab  
Nov. 9 - LE12 The Chi-square Test  
Nov. 16 - LE13 Exam #3  
Nov. 23 - LE14 TG vacation  
Nov. 30 - LE15 Evolution Lab  
Dec. 7 - LE16 Lab check-out  
Dec. 15 Final Exam, 1 - 4pm  

Populus Computer Lab Exercises

Principles of Probability; Introduction to the Binomial Theorem and expansion

The Chi-Square test

Testing Hardy-Weinberg equilibria

Genes in Populations, and the effects of Selection and Genetic Drift

Polygenic Traits and Quantitative genetics

Human Genetics

Mapping by restriction enzymes

Gene cloning, sequencing, PC

Molecular genetics of  populations: RFLP's, VNTR's, RAPD's, QTL's

Sites of general interest to students studying Genetics: