Courses I am currently teaching

I am currently teaching two sections of Chem 130 (see link below)
During Winter Term I will be teaching a class on the Chemistry of Art

Courses I Teach

Introductory Courses (major and non-major)

Chem 102: Chemistry of Art (in development)
Chem 130:
Structure and Properties of Inorganic Compounds
Chem 192: First Year Seminar: Rust, Blood, and Magnets

Upper Level Chemistry Courses

Chem 331: Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms
Chem 332: Inorganic Synthesis
Chem 335: Topics in Chemical Reactivity: Bioinorganic Chemistry
Chem 395: Independent Research
Chem 405: Senior Thesis

Other Courses

Hon 192: Science Research Fellows Research Seminar II

Winter Term 2008
Chemistry of Art

Past Winter Terms Courses:
Incriminating Evidence: The Science of Crime
History and Culinary Traditions of Italy

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