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Primary Interest:

  • My current research interests lie in the areas of Human Computer Interaction and more specifically Computer Supported Cooperative Work. In particular I have worked on the design, implementation, and evaluation of software that enhances the way teachers and students share written information during class using an electronic whiteboard and pen-based video tablets or Tablet PCs. This system was originally named DEBBIE. The system has been greatly enhanced by a company named DyKnow and is now available as a fully supported commercial product named DyKnow Vision.  You can learn more from the DyKnow Web Site.
  • As an outgrowth of my interest in DyKnow and pen-based computing I am on the organizing committee for a conference called WIPTE (Workshop on the Impact of Pen-based Technology on Education).  You can learn more about WIPTE here.

         A description of my Hewlett Packard Teaching with Technology DyKnow-Related grants can be found here. 

         This student-produced mini-documentary showcases some ways that students and faculty at DePauw University are using Tablet PCs and DyKnow software to enhance teaching and learning in multiple disciplines.


     Other Interests and Projects:

  • Working with DePauw student Alex Iliev, I am experimenting with using Flash animations to illustrate computer science concepts, especially by embedding the Flash animations in DyKnow Vision pages.  Here are the animations Alex wrote:
    • A Flash animation that illustrates swapping two variables can be found here
    • A Flash animation that illustrates a FlipFlop can be found here.
    • A Flash animation that illustrates a relay-based And gate can be found here.
  • Along with other members of DePauw's Computer Science Department I have an ongoing interest in conducting research with undergraduates. Much of this research is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation which enables us to conduct a summer REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) Program each summer. For more information on this program see the Computer Science Department REU Program Home Page.
  • Working with colleague Doug Harms, I have put together a 15 minutes video for use in Computer Organization courses. The video teaches reinforces standard concepts from a typical Computer Organization course by showing students how to program a 1970's era PDP computer. The video is available on the text book web site for "Computer Systems" by Stan Warford.

A version is also available on YouTube here.

  • Working with students Ian Serlin and Atanas Vlahov I have been studying the use of water based computing to reinforce basic concepts from the standard Computer Organization course. We have created a functional 1-bit half adder that is powered by water, as well as a series of flash animations that demonstrate the underlying concepts. You can find a research paper, pictures, videos, and flash animations related to this project at the Water Adder Web Site.


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