Chemistry and biochemistry are experimental sciences and experience working in the lab is an essential part of most courses in our department. The particular focus of the Chem 130 lab is on linking our models of the structures of inorganic compounds to qualitative observations of chemical reactivity.

Weekly Schedule

The schedule below outlines the work we will complete during our lab sessions. Links are provided here to experiments; links to other materials that you will find useful when working in lab and when preparing written reports of your work are provided in the sections that follow. Due dates for reports are included with each experiment.

General Policies

Safety in the Laboratory

Although a chemistry or biochemistry laboratory experiment uses chemicals and equipment that can result in an injury, there is no reason that working in the laboratory inherently is less safe than other environments where one is exposed to caustic and/or reactive materials, to sharp objects, and to hot items. You can work safely in a laboratory if you pay attention to how you dress for lab, how you prepare for lab, how you work while in the lab, and how you clean up at the end of lab. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the department's safety guidelines