The schedule below outlines each day's main topic(s). Reading assignments and links to additional reading assignments are listed after the topic: OC is the textbook by OpenStax College; GKF is the textbook by Gilbert, Kriss, and Foster; BO is the texbook by Burdge and Overby, and OW is the textbook by Ow.

Unit I: Thermodynamics

In which we develop an understanding of why some reactions are favorable and other reactions are unfavorable, and how to predict which reactions are favorable.

Unit II: Equilibrium Chemistry

In which we learn to predict the composition of a system when it reaches a state of equilibrium and apply this to acid-base reactions, solubility reactions, and complexation reactions.

Unit III: Kinetics of Chemical Reactions

In which we explore how a reaction's progress changes over time and what information that conveys to us about the reaction at a microscopic level.

Unit IV: Wrapping Up

In which we revisit the topics of Units I, II, and III, reviewing what we covered and extending our understanding of the relationships between thermodynamics, equilibrium chemistry, and kinetics.

Final Exam