The schedule for the current week provides materials for each day's activities, including reading assignments from course texts (see key that follows) and links to other reading assignments, copies of handouts distributed during class, and a set of framing questions (see key that follows). You should complete all reading assignments prior to class and be prepared to engage with them during class. There is no need to review handouts prior to class. A schedule for the next week is provided as well, but is subject to minor changes. A running, cumulative schedule for the semester follows these two schedules. Links to web sites and other materials that extend our work in class, often at a deeper level, are on the additional resources page.

keys for reading assignments from course texts

Hand: Statistics Crease: The Prism and the Pendulum
Lindley: Uncertainty Mlodinow: The Drunkard's Walk
O'Neil: Weapons of Math Destruction Clark: Writing Tools

keys for framing questions

Q1: Why Do We Measure Things? Q7: Can the act of measuring change what we measure?
Q2: What Do We Choose To Measure? Q8: How do we measure what we cannot see?
Q3: How Do We Make Measurements? Q9: What can we not measure?
Q4: How do we report measurements? Q10: What do we choose not to measure?
Q5: What are the limits of measurements? Q11: Can we trust measurements?
Q6: How do we improve measurements? Q12: Can measurements do harm?

Schedule for the Remainder of the Term

Cumulative Schedule