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  • Analytical Chemistry 2.0 is a reenvisoning of the print textbook Modern Analytical Chemistry (published in 1999 by McGraw-Hill) following the return to the author of the copyright. The textbook's title is inspired by a system of software version numbering in which the sequence X.Y.Z identifies a major change in functionality (X), a minor change in functionality (Y), and small changes and/or corrections of errors that do not affect functionality (Z). In this scheme, Modern Analytical Chemistry is equivalent to Analytical Chemistry 1.0, with the transition from a print to a digital format representing a fundamental change in how a user experiences the textbook.

    A new edition of an existing textbook is more than a correction of errors and less than a fundamental change in how a user interacts with the textbook; thus, the initial edition of Analytical Chemistry 2.0, which was released in fall 2009, becomes Analytical Chemistry 2.1, which was released in summer 2016. Files for all editions and a consideration of what might make up Analytical Chemistry 3.0 are available using the dropdown menu in the navigation bar or the links here:

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    All versions of Analytical Chemistry 2.0 are released under a Creative Commons license that allows users to distribute these materials at no cost. Instructors adopting any version of Analytical Chemistry 2.0 are free to download and host materials at their course website or through their institution's course management system provided that a link back to this site is included. Instructors also may arrange to make print copies available, either personally or through a campus bookstore, provided that the cover page and the copyright notice are included, and provided that the cost to students is limited to the cost of printing.

    Users also may prepare non-commercial derivative works provided that the original source is acknowledged and that the derivative works are made available under the same license; see the pages for individual versions for further details and a link to the license. Links to known derivative works are provided here:

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