Shiny is a package for the R programming environment that makes it possible to develop and run interactive web applications from within an active R session. Each of the Shiny apps archived here provides a focused introduction to a topic of importance to analytical chemistry, covering an amount of material equivalent to one section of a chapter or one figure found in a typical textbook. Applications are run in a browser either remotely using as a hosting service, or locally using a computer with R installed; details on both methods are outlined below.

The easiest way to explore a Shiny app is to use the app link, which runs the app remotely using the server as this does not require a local installation of R or the Shiny package. At present, the hosting of apps at is through a basic account that limits the amount of monthly usage of the apps; if you cannot access one of these apps at, try running the app locally on a computer running R.

The following Shiny apps are under development and their titles are shared here with minimal descriptions; although links to the code is provided, these are works in progress and there is no guarantee that the code or the apps are fully functional.

To run a Shiny app locally you must have R and the Shiny package installed on your computer. To install R, first go the website and click on the link to CRAN on the left side of the page under the heading "Downloads." Scroll through the list of CRAN mirror sites and click on a link to a site located in your region. Select the link in the "Download and Install R" box at the top of the page that is appropriate for your operating system and follow the directions. To install the Shiny package, launch R and type install.packages("shiny") at the command prompt; this will download and install the Shiny package and other packages required by Shiny. Installing a package does not make the package immediately available to you; to make the package available any R session, type load("shiny") at the command prompt. Finally, to run the app, use the code link and follow the instructions in the app's readme file; in general, the command is shiny::runGitHub("name of app","dtharvey").

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