The following digital tools were used to develop this site:

This website consists of a set of .Rmd files created using Rmarkdown and two .R script files that contain functions written to simulate, plot, and extract data from cyclic voltammetry experiments (cvFunctions.R) and to draw redox ladder diagrams (ladder_pot.R). Each .Rmd files was converted into an html webpage and then linked together into a single website—the structure for which is defined by a user-written _site.yml file—using the command


As a student work through the material, s/he can edit any of the .Rmd files by adding text and chunks of R code, perhaps to answer a problem, to annotate existing text with comments, to make a list of questions to explore; and s/he also can create new .Rmd files and add them to the _site.yml file. Rendering any pre-existing .Rmd file using the command


will update its .html file. When adding a new .Rmd file, it is necessary to add it to the _site.yml file and to re-render the full site by using the command


You can obtain a complete copy of all files at the project’s Github site.