Gathered here are laboratory experiments developed to introduce students to important concepts in analytical chemistry and published in The Journal of Chemical Education. Each entry includes a brief description of the experiment, the full citation, and a link to the article's DOI.

Following a self-study in 1999, our department completed a top-to-bottom reorganization of our curriculum. One feature of this curriculum is a four-course introductory core that provides foundational course work in all five major areas of chemistry. To provide an introduction to analytical chemistry, we developed a laboratory to accompany a 200-level course entitled Thermodynamics, Equilibria, and Kinetics. The laboratory is built around a series of four one-week preliminary experiments that introduce students to important aspects of analytical thinking: the need to make careful measurements, signals and noise, calibrations and standardizations, and the analysis of data. These preliminary experiments are followed by a set of four two-week project-based experiments in which students, working in teams, design experiments to answer specific questions related to the thermodynamics, equilibrium chemistry, and/or kinetics of a chemical system. The following citation describes this laboratory course.

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